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February 26, 2007



what a *great* idea! thanks so much for the info :)


Excellent tutorial and such a great idea!! Since I don't have a lightbox or any stencils (never wanted to spend the money) I will definitely be using your technique in the future. Thanks so much for sharing!!


This is just so awesome! I'm going to share it with my demo. After your post this morning I went and found a box (I wasn't that close to the end of the cereal yet) and made a stencil...but now that I've seen your tutorial I've got so many more ideas! Thanks for the inspiration.

shelley davis

Wow! What a wonderful tutorial job. Thank you so much. This looks like fun.


Looks super (and so detailed)...when I have a moment tonight, I am going to try this out!


I am WOW-ed! Thanks for the great and inexpensive tip!


THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing this!! I can not wait to try this idea!!!!



Thank you for the great tip. I loved your Christmas tree card since you posted it. :o) Now I know the secret. :o) The other cards are great too. TFS!

Passionstamper a/k/a Debbie VG

Great Tutorial! When I got towards the end and saw the three Christmas trees card, I realized that I admired this on your SCS site long before I found your blog! I actually used this same card idea for one of my Stamp-A-Stack camps! It really works!


Thank you so much for posting this awesome tutorial!! Awesome idea. I've got a big square and a circle made and I'm going to give them a try tonight!!

Wiggydl (also on scs)

Clare Wagner

I've been wondering how this is done. Thank you so much for taking the time and including very detailed directions on your blog.


This is a wonderful, clever idea. It is very generous of you to share it with everyone.

Anne Marie Klepko

Thanks so much for the tutorial...I tried it and it worked great! Here is the link to my card on SCS. Thanks again!

Diane (scs cameldiva)

OMG!! How amazing is your tutorial!!Thank you so much for sharing this with us! Love the idea - it never occurred to me to make my own cereal box stencils. I just finished a box too!


Hoky smokes this is fabo! I love your creative ingenuity! WOW! Thank you for sharing how you do this!


Thank you so much for the tutorials. I will try this at a coming workshop. So cool and simple.


This is pretty cool! I especially LOVE the sample with the christmas ornaments! Tooo cute! Great little tutorial too!

Denise aka Geekgirl415 at SCS

I'm looking for ideas for my aunt/downline and her first workshop - found your card, which led me here- THANK YOU for posting this- it's wonderful!! I can't wait to try it!!!


wow cool idea thank you :)


What an AWESOME idea! OMG! The first thing I did when I saw this was look to see if I had a box I could cut - I do! YEAH!
Thank you!!


I so appreciate tutorials like yours, and the very practical ideas like making the "stencil" 4 1/4" wide (with additional markings for other sized cards)so you can change the placement and height as needed. Thank you SO much!

Vickie Maduzia aka vmaduzia


Just found your blog! It's great. I love your work. Wanted to tell you, here is a card I did with the cereal box stencil idea. I got the idea from your friend Joey Hartman, and she told me she got the idea from you. Thanks for doing this, I think you need to do a tutorial for Beate!!

Dawn R.

I am so glad that you posted the link to this, or I might never have found it! What a great idea and thanks for sharing it!!!!!

Liz Michealson

As always, your most simple cards are what makes everyone say OOOO. I remember the first time I saw your pear card and box...thanks for putting this down for all of us to use. You are so unselfish with your inspiration!


Even after 2 years this post is soo useful. Thanks a lot for sharing. I am an absolute newbie in this. It was soo easy to read and follow. My try here http://crafty-crafters-cards.blogspot.com/2009/11/say-it-with-birthday-hat.html

Thanks for sharing your time and effort.

Mary M.

Here it is 2012 and my 1st visit to your site. What a wonderful idea with the embossing.I will try this as soon as I get off the computer. Thanks so much for this info.

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